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I have an array which store some data inside it. Inside the array there will be some data like this

Alluser[0] = John || 20 || Student;

Alluser[1] = Will || 19 || Student;

I wanted to split the data and arrange one user into one array. Something like this

 user0[0] = John;
 user0[1] = 20;
 user0[2] = Student;

The number of user will constantly increase later on. But I don't know how to constantly create new array for new user. I tried something like this

for(int i=0;i<Alluser.length;i++){
      String[] user[i]= Alluser[i].split("||");

I knew that String[] user[i] is wrong, I just don't really the structure of the correct way of handling this issue. Any comment and answer will be highly appreciated.

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You should create a class User and store instances in a List<User>. – jlordo Jan 30 '13 at 7:43
Did you hear about object-oriented programming? – bsiamionau Jan 30 '13 at 7:43
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Use OOP:

Create a class User and store List<User> listOfUsers;

In this case you'll have a list of users and get access to each item, delete it or add new users.

class User{
    String name;
    int age;

and also you can iterate:

for (User eachUser: listOfUsers){
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If you need an array that needs to increase in size, consider ArrayList. It is a resizable list that internally is structured like an array.

Additionally your for loop wont work because the array defined there wont be accessible from outside the loop.

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Since you have the split available, use it to your advantage!

String[] user = getContent[i].split("||"); 

That will set the user array to contain, for example: "John ", " 19 ", " Student".

As you can see, there are spacing issues, so use the String " || " instead for the split.

Now, to store this outside, do something that follows:

String data = new String[getContent.length][3];

With that, you can then throw in the 'split' into data[i].

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