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Possible Duplicate:
MVC Learning Resources

I'd like to improve my understanding of MVC design pattern, as I'll be probably using it in the future (my job is mainly focused in developing .NET web applications).

Can I ask to this community to help me find a starting direction on this subject? Articles, white papers, code samples, theory... anything you found helpful!

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The posts already posted are good starting points for learning ASP.NET MVC, but if you want to learn more about the pattern, here are a few more links:

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If you don't already, read ScottGu's blog. That's probably the best thing to do. From there you will find most things related to MVC.

Plus Rob Conery is doing a Storefront series.

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What really helped me understand it was the following video from Phil Haack.

In it, he builds an MVC app from scratch. Oh and the app he builds just happens to be a rip off of Stack Overflow, called "HaackOverflow".

Video is here

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Also, I find the best way for me to get a real handle on a new technology is to implement it into an existing project. If that is not possible, I reccomend giving yourself a little task to complete within MVC. Maybe something to automate your day to day, or to help out a friend.

It sounds tedious but that's the way I have had the best success in learning something new.

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Also check out the Los Techies blogs and MVC in Action. This book will also get your taste buds ready for Domain Driven Design.

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@Sara Chipps is right - you have to "cut your teeth" on it.

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If you want to understand the idea behind the MVC pattern, I've found out that a lot of ruby on rails videos and tutorials explain it very well. for example.

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If you're the type that learns best by experimenting with code, I recommend downloading the Nerd Dinner open source project from the MVC folks at MS:

Nerddinner @ Codeplex

This is the code for the public web site.

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One more vote for the 'Nerd Dinner' project being a good learning resource.
Especially if you learn well from 'doing' rather than 'reading'.

Have a look at Scott Gu's Free ASP.NET MVC eBook Tutorial .

A 185 page end-to-end tutorial that walks-through building a small, but complete, ASP.NET MVC application from scratch.

Here's the link to Scott's free end-to-end tutorial chapter in PDF form

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start from here...

MVC Learning Home

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