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I have an ActionBar with overflow menu items. Each item's onClick starts an Activity using an Intent. In some devices, the item text disappears and the menu remains stuck until the activity opens.

I think that it waits for the Activity to open. Is there anyway to force the overflow menu to close immediately instead of seeing the menu with an empty text entry?

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Please visit stackoverflow.com/questions/9286822/… –  Shreyos Adikari Jan 30 '13 at 7:55
@ShreyosAdikari: I am not sure the link has anything to do with the question. The link is about forcing the OverFlowMenu while this question is about the OverFlowMenu staying open till an Activity opens. –  IceMAN Jan 30 '13 at 7:57
@SiddharthLele : I thought it might be similar. –  Shreyos Adikari Jan 30 '13 at 8:02

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I had the same error, what solved this for me is really simple: close the menu :)

    public boolean onMenuItemSelected(int featureId, MenuItem item) {


        return .....;
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