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I can pull the database in data/data/com..../ ... catalogue directly in emulator. But when I connect the mobile it can not.

I do not want to use file IO to write in this catalogue.

Is there some method pull directly? Or use some cmd command.

Thanks in advance!

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perhaps you will find this usefull: stackoverflow.com/questions/6928849/… –  George Theodorakis Jan 30 '13 at 8:17

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put your sqlite data base file into assets folder and copy this file into local memory......

try this link


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if your device is rooted. you should copy it to the SDCARD firstly. using:

  1. cat /data/data/com.*/database/*.db > /sdcard/dest.db
  2. pull it out.

if your device is not rooted. if you really want to copy it. copy it in your program.

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