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I'm trying to use Daemon::Generic, and it seems to be exactly what I need, except on Solaris it seems that locking the pid file doesn't work. As a result, status always reports the process is dead, even when it is quite clearly alive.

For example, the following:

use Daemon::Generic;

sub gd_run
  sleep (60);

sub gd_preconfig
  return ();

newdaemon(pidfile => "/tmp/");

... always reports the process is dead.

Note that /tmp is mounted locally, so it seems like that should avoid issues with locks over network drives.

Any ideas how to get this to work?


On closer investigation, by putting sleep 60 commands at various points in, that it seems the lock is lost somewhere in the function gd_daemonize. Do locks not survive forks on Solaris? Is there a way to ensure the lock survives the daemonize process?

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