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I wish to style the current selected link in CSS / JS with a different colour to inactive links.

I found this code which i inserted into my page

.current_page_item a.active {color: blue;}

which i believe is a class within the current selected item, however it seems to have failed.

Site is : http://www.milknhny.co.uk/ShopTest

Would this be doable with js?


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2 Answers

Try like this:

.current_page_item a:link {color: red; text-decoration: none}
.current_page_item a:active {color: green; text-decoration: none}
.current_page_item a:visited {color: blue; text-decoration: none}
.current_page_item a:hover {color: black; text-decoration: none}
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Hi @Vucko, this did not work either :S –  Kirsty Harris Jan 30 '13 at 8:44
@KirstyHarris try to remove the color: #000; from #menuwrap ul li a. –  Vucko Jan 30 '13 at 8:46
@Vucko it is for all anchor elements of menu –  Muhammad Talha Akbar Jan 30 '13 at 8:47
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I actually had this answered, because i have it within a specific DIV i had to declare this first so this is the correct code:

#menuwrap ul li.current-menu-item a

Thankyou for your help though.

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