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I want to create some sequence diagrams. Is there a good FOSS tool for creating good sequence diagrams? Preferably I'd like something that takes some sort of simple text input and spits out a pdf/ps/png/svg. The less manual work I need to do aligning arrows and lines the better.

Bonus points if it's in Ubuntu's standard package manager

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UMLGraph can plot sequence diagrams from text files.

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Dead link, no content or response right now. (Ping does respond.) –  Kissaki Jan 7 at 15:11
@Kissaki, Thanks, updated. Though by today's standards questions like this would be off-topic. –  laalto Jan 7 at 15:16

OS-agnostic, web 2.0 cloud-filled goodness here:


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There's even a python utility that converts text to images for you! websequencediagrams.com/embedding.html –  Steve Hanov Jul 31 '12 at 19:14

Take a look at my list of textual UML tools here: http://modeling-languages.com/content/uml-tools (tools in this list are tools that support the use of textual notations/languages to describe UML models and automatically display the corresponding graphical UML diagram).

There are several ones that focus on Sequence diagrams as UMLGraph, WebSequenceDiagram, QuickSequenceDiagramEditor and more.

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You will love Quick Sequence Diagram Editor. It is amazing simple and fast.

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Just for completeness, mscgen is a nice tool for doing message sequence charts. Useful for certain kinds of sequence diagrams.


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Graphviz can do UML, apparently. I've not used it for UML, but I have used it for other things, and I've found it easy to write scripts that generate the DOT files to generate graphs.

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