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How do I replace %s with a defined/non-empty variable string? Or rather what is the Pythonic or syntactic sugar for doing so?


# Replace %s with the value if defined by either vehicle.get('car') or vehicle.get('truck')
# Assumes only one of these values can be empty at any given time
# The get function operates like http://docs.python.org/2/library/xml.etree.elementtree.html#xml.etree.ElementTree.Element.get
logging.error("Found duplicate entry with %s", vehicle.get('car') or vehicle.get('truck'))  
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Can both be non-empty? –  Volatility Jan 30 '13 at 8:20

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I think you want this:

'Found duplicate entry with %s' % (vehicle.get('car') or vehicle.get('truck'))

This will replace the '%s' with the non-empty string (assuming only one is non-empty). If both contain text, it will be replaced with the output of vehicle.get('car')

You could also use this type of string formatting:

'Found duplicate entry with {0}'.format(vehicle.get('car') or vehicle.get('truck'))

This will return the same result.

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Have you tried something like this?

logging.error("Found duplicate entry with %s" % (vehicle.get('car') or vehicle.get('truck')))

Or if truck is also empty, you can return a default value:

logging.error("Found duplicate entry with %s" % (vehicle.get('car') or vehicle.get('truck', 'default')))
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