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I implement scroll view to display element of view...Scroll view in center with two button on left and right button to shift scroll

now in this scenario I want to shift focus from scroll view to button.

does any one have idea about it?

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thanks anukool..but in case of scroll view how we can get focus for inner item. – Shubh Jan 30 '13 at 8:53

Option I: Using getLocationOnScreen on all Child Views inside ScrollView

  1. Get instance of scroll view.

    ScrollView scrollView = findViewById(R.id.scrollViewID);

  2. Type cast into ViewGroup

    ViewGroup viewGroup = (ViewGroup)scrollView;

  3. Find all child views of ViewGroup ( check Android Documentation )

    Get rectangle representing location of Child View on screen by calling - getLocationOnScreen

    getLocationOnScreen will store x,y coordinates in Rect object, compare rect x,y coordinates to see if Rectangles lies within screen bounds. ( You can get screen by using getLocationOnScreen on Content View / Root View )

Option II: getGlobalVisibleRect on All child views inside ScrollView ( Quick and Easy )

  1. Get all child views inside ScrollView. Call getGlobalVisibleRect on each of the child views, if it returns true, it means at-least some of portion of the child view is visible.
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Pardeep, this #makesense. I'll give it try. – Shubh Feb 9 at 5:00

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