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I'm using the .NET-Server from IT-Hits WebDAV implementation and couldn't figure out my question from the documentation.

The WebDAVEngine uses a class called IHierarchyItem wich has the Properties Path and Name. So my question: Has the path be directly related to the items name? So if path is /folder/file.txt has the name to be file.txt or can i provide a generic name? So if the path would be /abc.txt may the name be something else? Or does this affect the Clients?


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I havent used that specific webdav server, but I know that for webdav generally there is a display-name property which is independent of the resource href.

BUT this property IS NOT USED by most webdav clients. Instead webdav clients generally just use the last path segment as the file name and ignore the display-name property.

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Most WebDAV clients including Microsoft Mini-redirector and Microsoft Office ignore the dispaly-name property, (which is behind the IHierarchyItem.Name). However I have seen WebDAV clients that utilize dispaly-name, if it is missing, empty or corrupted such clients do not function properly.

To avoid confusion and to support maximum number of WebDAV clients I would suggest always keeping IHierarchyItem.Name and IHierarchyItem.Path in sync. For example if IHierarchyItem.Path returns 'folder/file.txt', the IHierarchyItem.Name must return 'file.txt'

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