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I have a simple table:

<table class="caspGrid">
        <tr class="caspRow">
            <td class="caspColEntity">
                <input type="checkbox"/>
            <td class="caspColSummary">
                <p>FY13 SPM Mobility Strategy</p>
                <p>FY13 SPM Mobility Strategy</p>
                <p>FY13 SPM Mobility Strategy</p>
            <td class="caspColTeam">
                <p>Tim Smith</p>
                <p>Tim Smith</p>
                <p>Tim Smith</p>

I'd like the table to span the entire page height but i want each <tr> to wrap around the content and the last <tr> to span the rest of the way, how can i do that?


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You can use last-of-type CSS3 pseudo-class:

tr:last-of-type {  
    height: 100%;

this will target only the last tr.

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/5L7fb/

If you have multiple tables in one page, then you should use descendant or child selectors:

/* Descendant */
table tr:last-of-type {  
    height: 100%;

/* Child */
table > tr:last-of-type {  
    height: 100%;
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Thanks, elegant and simple. –  fatman Jan 30 '13 at 10:42

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