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Energy, which is as follows:

enter image description here

can be found based on the matlab documentation using: stats = graycoprops(glcm, properties)

For example, I typed this:

>> a = [1 2; 3 4]

a =

     1     2
     3     4

>> stats = graycoprops(a, {'energy'})

stats = 

    Energy: 0.3000

Here, I want to ask. If we want to do this manually, how did we get the Energy value shown above. This is the part I didn't get clearly.


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If I'm not wrong:

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are you absolutely sure about that formula? I've tested it and it's not properly working... sorry for posting this as an answer, i can't comment yet. Comment from user2205242. –  Shai Jun 9 at 14:22
@ user2205242, so it is "my word" that you seek? you have an exact expression (in the answer) and you have a built in function (in the question), you can easily test with an input such as a=randi(100,100,100); But why trust me (or anyone else for that matter)? trust your understanding. –  natan Jun 9 at 15:51
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