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I have created a CSE and need to programatically update the promotions. This is done in a backend system and user interaction in the authentication process is therefore not an option.

Updating the promotions can be done with their Custom Search API via HTTP. This process needs an authentication token.

Their documentation says that Custom Search only supports "ClientLogin" authentication. This has been deprecated by Google and it also involves CAPTCHAs so this is not an option. They also state that all authentication should be done through OAuth2 now.

I have already implemented OAuth2 without user interaction with Google Analytics API.

My problem is: I cannot find the scope value for Custom Search API to use with OAuth2. Any ideas?

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Same problem - anyone found a solution for this? –  user369142 Apr 15 at 15:04
Same problem for me too. Ironically, Google seem not to support working with some Google API's on GAE... –  orcaman Jun 30 at 23:05

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If you look at Google OAuth Playground you will not find Custom Search as one of the available scopes. Unfortunately you only have access to the services (and their various scopes) listed there.

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Any update ? Also trying to implement custom search via OAuth2 but no clue on Google Developers document ... I guess we just can't.

The PHP lib I use return a invalid scope :

Some requested scopes were invalid. {invalid=[https://www.googleapis.com/auth/customsearch]}
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I believe you can use the API Key function (which is not an OAuth 2 key) to access CSE apis.

here's the documentation. https://developers.google.com/custom-search/v1/using_rest?hl=en

Is there some reason the API key doesn't work and you need OAuth2?

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yes, the api key option is useless if you are hosting your server application on Google App Engine because you have to supply a whitelist of IP's when creating the api key and GAE's IP's chance all the time (this is why you would have to use OAuth2 with the application identity API in order to work with Google API's on GAE). –  orcaman Jun 30 at 23:00

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