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I want to show time label on my chat. But I can't find data-time after parser. Is it possible to add extensions to my lib to get a time?

I use https://github.com/robbiehanson/XMPPFramework And simple client example.

There is the extensions I want to use XEP-0203 (XMPPElement+Delay.h).

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  1. Compile in XMPPElement+Delay.m and add the line for XMPPElement+Delay.h to your XMPPFramework.h.
  2. In your delegate class, put code in -xmppStream:didReceiveMessage that invokes [message delayedDeliveryDate] and log the result. Make sure you #import "XMPPFramework.h".
  3. If you're getting a proper date, use NSDateFormatter to render it to a string as you like. If you're not, probably need to log out the entire message find out if the server is correctly sending the dates.
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