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I want to convert the following raw sql query into a sqlalchemy ORM query :

SELECT * FROM kwviolations AS kwviol WHERE kwviol.proj_id=1 AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM
kwmethodmetrics AS kwmetrics WHERE kwmetrics.kw_id=kwviol.kw_id AND kwmetrics.checkpoint_id=5);

I tried the following ORM query but didn't succeed:


Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance

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kw_id here seems to be a scalar column value, so you can't call any() on that - any() is only available from a relationship() bound attribute. Since I don't see one of those here you can call the exists() directly:

from sqlalchemy import exists

session.query(KWViolations).filter(KWViolations.proj_id ==\
                    KWMethodMetrics.kw_id == KWViolations.kw_id,
                    KWMethodMetrics.checkpoint_id ==
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