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When sending keystrokes using Keymando, is it possible to remove the currently held down modifiers?

An example:

map "<Cmd-d>" do

This sends Cmd+a rather than a which is what I want. (This is a made up example, but illustrates the point.)

AutoHotkey (which is a key remapping and automation tool for Windows) releases any held-down modifier keys when sending keystrokes (and if modifier keys are required not to be released, one can specify a parameter for that as well).

How can I do the same in Keymando? Even if there is no "smart" way to release held down modifiers, can I manually specify the modifiers I want released (Again, AutoHotkey allows one to send keystrokes like {Ctrl Up}. Is there something similar in Keymando)

Finally, are there any other, more powerful alternatives to Keymando for the Mac?

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This issue is fixed in the latest 1.4 version.


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Thanks for responding. However, I have since started using KeyRemap4MacBook, which I find better documented, robust, has better performance and allows certain key remappings that Keymando doesn't support. Not to mention it's free. The only thing it lacks is support for a scripting language, but if one's needs are limited to key-remapping, it is clearly a superior alternative. However, if Keymando overcame issues I mention, I'm sure I'd be willing to try it again. –  Himanshu P Feb 21 '13 at 19:12
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