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i've made this simple shopping cart, where i've made this if and else function that goes inside a variable that gets called in my mail body, and this error message shows up when you submit the values: Fatal error! Object of class Closure could not be converted to string

Here's part of the variable function code:

$varer= function ($string) {
if ($_POST['smu']>= 1) 
Pilotjakke pelsforet Grå: \r\n
$pilotjakkegrå \r\n\r\n
===========================================" ;
else if($_POST['smu']<= 0)


and this is the email body part:

$body = "

Bekreftelse på bestilling:

Navn: $name_field\r\n 
E-Mail: $email_field\r\n 
Firma: $firma\r\n 
Adresse: $adresse\r\n 
Poststed: $poststed\r\n 
Postnummer: $postnummer\r\n 
Firma: $firma\r\n 
Telefon: $tlf\r\n 
Message: $message\r\n\r\n
Takk for at du bestilte hos oss, orderen din vil sett på og du vil motta en faktura snart. 
Varebestillingen : 
Total Order Sum: $order kr

and i get an error line where $varer is. I tried to convert it to a string but i probably did that all wrong.

You can take a look at the site here : http://www.premiere-produkter.no/pp/lagersalg/index.php

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in which line does the error occur ? –  Techie Jan 30 '13 at 9:44
varer= function ($string) { is missing a $ before varer –  Dave Jan 30 '13 at 9:45
also better way of doing it would be $varer ($_POST['smu']>= 1) ? "=========================================== Pilotjakke pelsforet Grå: \r\n $pilotjakkegrå \r\n\r\n ===========================================" : "" ; –  Dave Jan 30 '13 at 9:46
ah it is $varer i just copied wrong, the error message is located after $varer , no matter what is there. –  Tommy Jan 30 '13 at 9:56
$varer is a function that requires a $string argument, which you're not passing. –  Ja͢ck Jan 30 '13 at 10:01

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Your $varer is not a string but an object (instance of class Closure). You probably want to iterate over it's object properties.

Take a look at the examples on this page:


If you really want to convert an object to a string you can use 'serialize()' (which doesn't work for closures), e.g.:

Varebestillingen : ".serialize($varer)."\r\n\r\n

To check the structure of your var use:

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I tried that but got this message PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Serialization of 'Closure' is not allowed' in C:\zpiderwebs\DefaultWeb\1_F0001\pp\lagersalg\index.php:1028 Stack trace: #0 C:\zpiderwebs\DefaultWeb\1_F0001\pp\lagersalg\index.php(1028): serialize(Object(Closure)) #1 {main} thrown in C:\zpiderwebs\DefaultWeb\1_F0001\pp\lagersalg\index.php on line 1028 –  Tommy Jan 30 '13 at 9:59
That's because we are dealing with a close here. You may want to var_dump($varer) to look at it's contents. More info here: bossduck.com/2009/07/php-5-3-closures-and-reflection –  Teun Lassche Jan 30 '13 at 10:07
I went for an easier way, i so overcomplicated everything i blinded myself. Because the variables in the $varer allready had an if / else function, i managed to fix those so that the only thing $varer does now is gather them together for the mail body :) –  Tommy Jan 30 '13 at 10:27

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