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We want to use Amazon Elastic BeanStalk service for deployment in EC2 Boxes. We want to deploy our Ruby on Rails Application in such a way that we can do sub-domain based routing to different rails app.

And we want to use single SSL Certificate for our load balancer and want to configure our load balancer in susch a away tha subdomain based routing takes place. HA Proxy does this work well but when we are trying to use Amazon Elastic BeanStalk service for our deployment, aws creates a load balancer but didn't associate it with any Key-Pair. So we are not able to ssh in load balancer and add our configuration for subdomain based routing.

Can someone please point me to some solution ?

Thanks, Ankit.

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You don't SSH into AWS load balancers, they are basically a black box that you have only a limited set of configuration options for. You probably need to look at the Route 53 services for DNS routing.

Your configuration would have routing based on domain DNS to different load balancers, one for each separate service you need. You can't have a single ELB route traffic to different EC2 instances based on domain or URI fragments.

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Thanks for clarification Mike ! – Ankit Jain Feb 4 '13 at 10:35

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