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I have created a List View, which contains a bulk amount of data. Traditional Scrolling is quite slow.

I would like to create the scroll view touchable, so that the user can touch the scroll bar and move it to any position, so as to scroll through the list quickly. So, is there any way to make the scroll bar draggable to any position in the list.

One way of doing it (what I can think of) is to use Section Indexer

Interface that should be implemented on Adapters to enable fast scrolling in an AbsListView between sections of the list. A section is a group of list items to jump to that have something in common. For example, they may begin with the same letter or they may be songs from the same artist.

But the List I'm populating in this case is not necessarily sorted in any order(not even in alphabetical order). So, is there any other efficient way of implementing draggable Scroll View in the ListView

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why don't you use android:fastScrollEnabled="true" in your listview ? – Sunny Jan 30 '13 at 10:00
@Sunny I want to scroll by touching and dragging the scroll bar. – Sahil Mahajan Mj Jan 30 '13 at 10:01
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Maybe you can take a look here : https://github.com/nolanlawson/CustomFastScrollViewDemo

you can also look at others similar posts : Fast Scroll display problem with ListAdapter and SectionIndexer

good luck

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