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I am wrapping java mail transport class and calling my method to process the sending email has valid address.

Transport Class

 public class Transport  extends javax.mail.Transport {

private static final String  CLASSNAME = Transport.class.getName();

private static final Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(CLASSNAME);

public Transport(Session session, URLName urlname) {
    super(session, urlname);

public void sendMessage(Message msg, Address[] addresses) throws MessagingException {

public static void send(Message msg , Address[] addresses) throws MessagingException{

public static void send(Message msg) throws MessagingException{


Dispatcher Class

  public class Dispatcher{
       public static void processMailSending(Message msg , Address[] address){
           Validator v = new Validator();

       public static void processMailSending(Message msg) throws MessagingException{
           Validator v = new Validator();
             //TOD: do validation

 class Validator{
      private Message msg;
      private Address[] address;

      public Validator(Message msg , Address address){
             this.msg = msg;
             this.address = address;

      public void validate(){

I read oracle forum post. They said Transport.send is thread safe . .

My Question

is Dispatcher.processMailSending thread safe?

I avoided using syncrhonized modifier in processMailSending . This method will be invoked frequently .

Please suggest your views .

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You've not provided any implementation for Dispatcher.processMailSending so it's impossible to say. It'll be thread-safe if there's no shared state in the Dispatcher. Note that by using static methods, you're immediately increasing the possibility of sharing state - can you instantiate a Dispatcher for each invocation ?

However the impact of any synchronisation will be massively outweighed by the time taken to send a mail to a mail server, and I think you're optimising prematurely. Make sure your code is thread-safe (using synchronisation or other higher-level solutions like Executors) and then worry about optimisations.

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Yes, It is. This is because there is no shared, mutable state within Dispatcher. As long as you don't make use a static variable within Dispatcher that itself is not thread safe, then fine. Usage of threadsafe objects like AtomicInteger, ConcurrentHashMap, Vectors are fine.

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Seems fine because the Validator class is created within the method stack. – shazin Jan 30 '13 at 10:06

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