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I need to display some blender models using webGL. Well what I need to know is, is it possible to add some meta information in Blender that we can manipulate using webGL ?


  • Add in Blender a meta information about the lights location
  • Using Three.js (webGL), putting lights in place of lights meta information from Blender

I hope I could express my need well

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Other than meshes, Three.js' Blender exporter supports exporting lights and cameras (and apparantly non-mesh, pure Object3Ds) out-of-the box. Just check the corresponding options together with the Scene export option during exporting and use the SceneLoader for loading. If you need other than that, you'd need to modify the exporter.

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In Blender you can name the objects and in Three you can search for objects, lights and cameras by name. You can then hide, delete, replace, modify or clone those objects.

I have done this with Collada/DAE scenes.

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thanks for your answer, do you have any link for documentation, tutorial ? –  Abu Romaïssae Feb 1 '13 at 9:03

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