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I have Makefile under a directory and directory has many .pm ( perl files ) I want to add makefile at this directory level which does perl file syntax checking. Basically I want to add:

perl -c <filename>

How to get list of files automatically in that directory without hardcoding.

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If you find an answer that works for you, it is customary to accept that answer (with the tick mark that appears under it when you look at the answers; it goes green when you choose it). – Jonathan Leffler Oct 1 '09 at 19:47
Having said which, I see that 'Avinash' asked the question but a different 'Avinash' said "this works for me". – Jonathan Leffler Oct 1 '09 at 19:48

The following worked for me in the GNU makefile (Linux and Windows)

ALL_PM_FILES = $(wildcard *.pm)

Then run a for/foreach loop on them.

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You can try the filter command:

PMFILES=$(filter, $(SRC))

Documentation for filter is hard to find. See here for an example.

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This is the normal workaround:

        for file in *.pm; do ${PERL} -c $$file; done

You run 'make check_pm_syntax' and it goes off and runs the shell loop for all the *.pm files it can find. You can simply list check_pm_syntax as a pre-requisite for your all target if you like (but it means you'll always do work when you build all). The only time this causes trouble is if there are no *.pm files in the directory.

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this one works for me Thanks. – Avinash Oct 1 '09 at 17:58

Here's a slightly different approach:

    perl -c $*.pm

check_all: $(addprefix check_,$(wildcard *.pm))
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