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I need to test my C++ program, which uses system time. The program is large and it uses third party libraries which possibly also use system time.

I want to see how my program behaves for different dates / times.

Is it possible to change the system time only for one running process in UNIX?

Many thanks...

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Well, I found the answer by myself.

In unix shell there is an environmental variable TZ which is the timezone and it is used by all C/C++ time functions.

This variable can be manipulated to set time in current unix shell to any arbitrary time (limited to number of seconds, not milliseconds) and even change date.


export TZ=A-02:10:20

(shifts time by 2 hours 10 minutes and 20 seconds from now forward).

export TZ=A+02:10:20

(the same shift backwards)

If you want to change the date, you can use large number of hours, for example:

export TZ=A-72:10:20

Unfortunately it does not let you change date too much, from my experiments it is up to several days back/forward. So for changing month/year this does not work.

(use 'date' command to check current date/time after setting TZ variable).

To cancel all changes use

export TZ=
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I guess you can use libfaketime.

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