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I asked for help earlier and got it working correct which i'm very thankfull for. But now I have wanted to make some more indepth.

My problem is that, I have a <li> which is used as a dropdown, which later opens a body where theres a select, and option value which I put a url value into.

But I rather have it look on which <li> I first pick, and then depending on which option value I use adds more value so I get a complete url.

Example: <li> sets http://localhost/someplace/api/stop/ and the option value sets ~/api/stop/all?format=excel because I picked excel format as option.

Then I have a js with button which does

$(".get-data").on("click",function() {
  var location = $('#dd-files').val();
  if(location) {

But how do I pass the <li> value and option value picks into this.

Thanks for any pointers!

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You can add an onclick event to the list items and then use $(this) to get the text or to get the name or id or whatever you want.

$('#dd li').click(function(){


Does this help you?

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Sortof, but how do I implement my js click function with this too? So it lists both that value and my $(".get-data").on("click",function() { var location = $('#dd-files').val(); if(location) { window.open(location); } }); Which takes the option value picked. –  WeeklyDad Jan 30 '13 at 11:30
Could you make a jsFiddle to show me what you mean? –  user1636130 Jan 30 '13 at 16:05

U can get li value as following:


<li class="selected">Value</li>


$("li.selected").text(); // gives u the text inside li
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Yes but if I want to pass that value into a specific url, heres one of my li which is picked when pressed. <li><a id='stop' data-name='' href='#'>StopValue</a></li> but I dont get how I make that specific <li> to remember that its picked when finally pressing a option value later on and combine those two. I was thinking like var finalurl = 'li-picked + location' and use it in the (if). –  WeeklyDad Jan 30 '13 at 10:27

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