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I am developing a simple multi thread web crawler. I am using a sqlite database to store urls that will be scanned.I have only one handle to the database the problem is that the main thread queryes the database in order to spawn new threads.The threads are accessing the same handle but the main thread also.

I have defined critical sections for each of the threads including the main thread. But the main thread keeps executing code eaven if a thread is in a critical section too.

Here is some code :



  index := 0;

   if threads < THREADS_MAX then
       sqldb.query('SELECT * FROM urls WHERE vizitat=0 AND id>' + IntToStr(index));
       urlcount:= sqldb.rowcount;

       for i:= 1 to urlcount do
         index := sqldb.Fi('id');
         with TPageCrawl.Create(@threads,sqldb.Fs('adresa'),index,sqldb) do;
         if threads = THREADS_MAX then break;

  until (threads = 0) and (urlcount  < 1);
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I have defined critical sections for each of the threads

They must all use the same critical section in order to lock properly. If they all have their own critical sections then the locks are only applicable to themselves.

I assume your thread is in TPageCrawl, you can pass in the critical section in the call:


Then in your thread proc you can EnterCriticalSection() and LeaveCriticalSection() as needed.

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Thanks that's what I did solved the problem :D –  opc0de Jan 30 '13 at 10:22
Note that these API calls are wrapped up for you in the TCriticalSection class which makes working with them a bit easier. There's also TMultiReadExclusiveWriteSynchronizer for more complicated needs. –  Lloyd Jan 30 '13 at 10:27
I am using free pascal I need a cross platform solution so this works fine. Thanks again –  opc0de Jan 30 '13 at 10:35
Ahh I see, cool. –  Lloyd Jan 30 '13 at 10:37

I have defined critical sections for each of the threads including the main thread.

That's not how it works. You need to have a single shared critical section object. Each thread must use the same critical section in order for the serialization to work. You need to have a one-to-one relationship between critical section objects and resources that need protection.

From the documentation:

A critical section object can be owned by only one thread at a time, which makes it useful for protecting a shared resource from simultaneous access.

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the stupid part is that I worte the code using a shared critical section but received an access violation and blamed the shared critical section. Manny thanks! –  opc0de Jan 30 '13 at 10:21

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