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How to pop up html popup window in WPF? In Silverlight, I have tried like below which works fine.

           HtmlPopupWindowOptions options = new HtmlPopupWindowOptions()
            Directories = false,
            Location = false,
            Menubar = false,
            Status = false,
            Toolbar = false,
            Resizeable = true,
            Width = 1024,
            Height = 640,

        HtmlPage.PopupWindow(new Uri(strUrl), "_blank", options);

But in wpf there is no references related to HtmlPopupWindowOptions class. How can I show html pop up in WPF?

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I need html pop window not normal wpf pop up. –  JAMEEL M Jan 30 '13 at 10:23
There is no such thing in WPF. You may however put a WebBrowser control in a WPF popup. –  Clemens Jan 30 '13 at 11:00

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