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I know this is duplicate of following many stackoverflow questions already Heap size overflow issues with sound clips

AudioCache Heap size overflow issue req size: 1053184, max size: 1048576

Android SoundPool heap limits

and many more like this, but I found none of answers actually address my problem. I am writing a world building game, and I have around 20 MB (which would definitely increase in future) which I have already compressed it to .ogg format. I need all those sound effects ready to be played. If I individually try to load them when they are required there is noticeable delay. So I had to load them at the beginning of the game but downside of this initial loading eats up all the heap and logcat is filled with these red error lines

E/AudioCache(1070): Heap size overflow! req size: 1050624, max size: 1048576

I think many people might have tried this kind in their apps/games, Can any one shed some light how did you guys manage

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same problem i had face in past and solve it just write this code on my anroid manifest xml file android:largeheap="true" on application. – Duggu Jan 30 '13 at 11:12
@HCD: I already have that manifest entry done in my app, it doesn't help:( I am trying to find a better way to load/play so many sound effects – Shri Jan 30 '13 at 11:35

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