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I am using a USB device from FTDI called FT4232H and I want to write on the EEPROM to make sure that some pins are set to inputs at start. I am using the D2XX drivers (pdf here). Here I found at page 106 that there is a struct called FT_EEPROM_4232H. Could this be something to use to make sure the pins are set to inputs at the beginning or is this totaly wrong? There are four UCHAR variables called A-, B-, C- and DDriverType. Does anyone know what these should be used for?

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I realise this question is 3 months old now but I believe pins on the FTx232H series of chips only get set as GPIO once the MPSSE command SetOutput is issued.

The EEPROM configuration is used to define things like drive strength, slew rate and whether the pin is a schmitt input and what each of the 4 ports are set up to be (async FIFO akin to FT245 series, serial port (FT232), etc).

If anyone else can disprove this, I would be interested to know also!

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