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In ExtJS 4, I have an XML Store that is defined as follows:

    extend : 'Ext.data.Store',
    model : 'AC.model.GameWins',
    autoLoad : true,

    proxy :
        type : 'ajax',
        api :
            read : 'data/gamewins.xml'
        reader :
            type : 'xml',
            root : 'GameWins',
            record : 'Game',
            successProperty : 'success'

and an XML file that looks like this:

    <LastUpdated>2013-01-30 10:18:34</LastUpdated>
    <Game ID="1" Name="GameName">
    <Game ID="1" Name="GameName">

It is easy enough to access the Game elements in a dataview using an XTemplate.

However, I have a problem accessing LastUpdated.. This is not part of the "record" that is defined in the Store. How can I access this element?

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The raw data from the response is stored in the reader (in this case, the responseXML):

var xml = store.getProxy().getReader().rawData;

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