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I'm struggling with concatenating NSStrings and ints. In isolation the below code works great. It returns "This is a test string with an int 10"

int myInt =10;

NSString *newstring =
[NSString stringWithFormat: @"This is a test string with an int %i", myInt];

NSLog(@"%@", newstring);

However when I put the below code into my project i get an error: Implicit conversion of int to NSString is disallowed with arc."

[_mycrop setTempLeft: (@"left value %i is %i", count, [_mycrop leftValue])];

Could anybody suggest where I'm going wrong? Although im passing in 2 variables, to my mind both are essentially the same.

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The code "in isolation" is very different from the second code.

You have to use stringWithFormat: in the second example too.

[_mycrop setTempLeft:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"left value %i is %i", count, [_mycrop leftValue]]];

Or with two lines but easier to understand:

NSString *tempLeft = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"left value %i is %i", count, [_mycrop leftValue]];
[_mycrop setTempLeft:tempLeft];

Some documentation: Apple String Programming Guide - Formatting String Objects

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Urgh, that was too obvious. Thanks, thats fixed it. Much appreciated. – RichPorter Jan 30 '13 at 11:19
@RichPorter: Not so obvious, in this context, is the meaning of the error you got for the second version of the code. The answer is that what you wrote is a comma expression, which evaluates to the last term: a, b evaluates both of them and evaluates to b; (a, b, c) evaluates all three and evaluates to c. Thus, your expression evaluated to the result of [_myCrop leftValue], which is an int. You had this expression where an NSString object was expected (the argument to setTempLeft:). You can't pass an int where you need an object, hence the error. – Peter Hosey Jan 30 '13 at 13:17
@PeterHosey Thanks for the comment. That makes sense and really helps. – RichPorter Jan 31 '13 at 14:03

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