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I had a function working which showed me users that have visited my website today, there is a field in a MYSQL database called 'lastvisit'.

I use to use a MYSQL time stamp however server time was different to my local time, so didn't work properly.

I know set the time zone in PHP and store the date and time as a VARCHAR in the database, like:

$visittime = date('jS M Y H:i A');

//Update timestamp to show latest visit
$sql="UPDATE users SET lastvisit='$visittime' where email ='$email' ";

29th Jan 2013 22:29 

How can I write a PHP function to show users that have been online today, and the amount of users online within the last 24 hours.

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This will do the job if you will be doing it in MySQL assuming that you want to count distinct email. (much better if you can use the primary key of the user.)

This will return total count of users online yesterday and today.

SELECT  DATE(STR_TO_DATE(lastvisit, '%D %b %Y %H:%i')), 
        COUNT(DISTINCT email)
FROM    users
GROUP   BY DATE(STR_TO_DATE(lastvisit, '%D %b %Y %H:%i'))
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