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I have a variable with date string

> $str
5 november 2012 y. 18:24:13

When I'm trying to remove spaces from it I get another string in another format

> $str  -replace " ",""

How to explain this?

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Your original $str variable is a DateTime object. When you try to replace that, it converts it to a string, and then it removes the spaces. Ex.

PS > $date = [DateTime]::Now

PS > $date

#DateTime object
30. januar 2013 12:24:09

PS > $date.ToString()
#Converts it to string
30.01.2013 12:24:09

PS > $date -replace " ",""
#Converts it to string and removes spaces

If you wanted to have the first format(datetime format) without spaces, try:

PS > $date.ToString("F").Replace(" ","")

More about DateTime string-formats, head over to MSDN

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