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I am trying to patch two functions within the Chosen jQuery library, however, no matter what I have tried to reference the original functions, console comes back with Chosen is undefined.

Here is my code.

        var _no_results = window.jQuery.fn.chosen.prototype.no_results;
        var _no_results_clear = window.jQuery.fn.chosen.prototype.no_results_clear;

        window.jQuery.fn.chosen.prototype.no_results = function (terms) {
            var no_results_html;
            no_results_html = $('<li class="no-results">' + this.results_none_found + ' "<span></span>"</li>');
            if (this.options.no_results_callback) {
                this.options.no_results_callback(no_results_html, terms);
            return this.search_results.append(no_results_html);
            //return _no_results.apply(terms);

        window.jQuery.fn.chosen.prototype.no_results_clear = function (terms) {
            var no_results_html;
            no_results_html = $('<li class="no-results">' + this.results_none_found + ' "<span></span>"</li>');
            if (this.options.no_results_clear_callback) {
                this.options.no_results_clear_callback(no_results_html, terms);
            return this.search_results.find(".no-results").remove();
            //return _no_results_clear.apply(terms);

Any ideas?

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Don't copy the prototype, that's not how jQuery works. Internaly it stores pluggins and variables in a map (name -> function). This should work:

 var _no_results = window.jQuery.jQuery.fn['chosen'].no_results;
 var _no_results_clear = window.jQuery.fn['chosen'].no_results_clear;

 window.jQuery.fn['chosen'].no_results = function (terms) { 
    _no_results.apply(this, terms);

 window.jQuery.fn['chosen'].no_results_clear = function (terms) { 
    _no_results_clear.apply(this, terms);

I did that once to replace jQuery internal functions for internal log of selector chains. Check here how it works (github)

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unfortunately _no_results still comes back as undefined. –  ScampDoodle Jan 30 '13 at 12:28
@ScampDoodle I had added the wrong code initially, I've changed it. –  fmsf Jan 30 '13 at 12:29
that was after I tried using your latest version –  ScampDoodle Jan 30 '13 at 12:30
Just checked the code, you can't access it because they are private variables, that are enclosed in a self running function. You can't change that without directly changing the internal code. At best you can overwrite jQuery.jQuery.fn['chosen'], catch the {no_results_text: "No results matched"} argument, with it run your code and then apply it to the chosen original function –  fmsf Jan 30 '13 at 12:38

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