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I have the following scenario:

Person person
|-- Address myAddress
|-- Address secondaryAddress

|-- Zip myZip
|-- Zip mySecondaryZip
|-- String name

|-- Country myCountry
|-- String zipCode

|-- String description;

Address, Zip and Country classes are declared @Embeddable(). Person is an @Entity.

myAddress has the following JPA annotations:

@AttributeOverrides({ @AttributeOverride(column = @Column(name = "myaddress_name"), name = "name"),
        @AttributeOverride(column = @Column(name = "myaddress_myzip_zipcode"), name = "myZip.zipCode"),
        @AttributeOverride(column = @Column(name = "myaddress_myzip_mycountry_description"), name = "myZip.myCountry.description"),
        @AttributeOverride(column = @Column(name = "myaddress_mysecondaryzip_zipcode"), name = "mySecondaryZip.zipCode"),
        @AttributeOverride(column = @Column(name = "myaddress_mysecondaryzip_mycountry_description"), name = "mySecondaryZip.myCountry.description") })
private Address myAddress = null;

Using eclipseLink and postgresql as db the columns:


are not created in person table. The others are correctly created. We are using JPA 2.0 and postgresql 9.2. Why does it happen ? Am I missing something obvious ?


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Seems to be having an issue with the 3 levels of nesting.

Ty the latest release, and if still not working log a bug.

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