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I am working in restructuring a former program which relies heavily on a external library ChronoEngine.lib I created a new project which holds the same additional include directories, linkers etc... than the former one

I have the following piece of code in a header file

#ifndef DRAW
#define DRAW
#include "physics/CHsystem.h"

class draw
   // Change size
   static void changeSize(int w, int h);

   // World definition
   static void drawSky(double halfSize, double red, double green, double blue);
   static void drawChair() ;
   static void drawCDG() ;
   static void drawPlane();

   // Geometrical definition
   static void drawSphere(ChBody* body);
   static void drawBox(ChBody* body);

this is the same header file as in the previous project, but here visual studio does not find the definition of ChBody (which is included in the "physics/CHsystem.h" header file definition - this file includes physics/ChBody.h -) when i right click on ChBody to find the reference, visual studio finds 5 references (1 is the real definition (from ChBody.h), 4 others are forward references in others files from the library)

how can I tell my program to find the real definition of the class ? Apparently, it is not a problem of being linked to the library, but more like a referencing problem

my main.cpp is only printing something to the screen for the time being, and draw.cpp is empty (i haven't defined the function i am declaring in draw.h for the time being)

Thanks Best Vincent

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What does the declaration of ChBody actually look like? Is it in a namespace? –  JasonD Jan 30 '13 at 12:49
also, posting the actual error text might help. –  Louis Jan 30 '13 at 12:50
Here you can simple "comment" #include "physics/CHsystem.h" and in it place forward-declare : class ChBody; . Also, check if the file is in the correct location and DRAW is not used...and.... –  qPCR4vir Jan 30 '13 at 12:59

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Thanks a lot Actually that was a fairly easy problem to solve

The problem was coming from the fact that the other classes (such as ChBody) were defined in a namespace therefore, adding

using namespace <the name of the namespace>;

before the definition of the class and after the #include solves this kind of issues.

Thanks Best Vincent

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