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So, my plan is to make small thumbnails of URL's with PHP and IECapt. IECapt works well, a nice command line tool, gets the full sized image of specified URL in 1 to 4 seconds. But my problem is to execute it trough PHP. This is the code I've trying to get working:

exec('IECapt.exe ' . escapeshellarg($URL) . ' ' . escapeshellarg($Filename))

$URL is of course the URL, and $filename is a simplified version of the URL.

Sometimes I get the IECapt to snap the image(trough PHP), but it takes awfully long (30-60s), and in the end I always get a 500-error, with no error messages to tell me what's wrong. Both variables are fine, they work manually with commandline:

IECapt Google.png

My server set-up is IIS7 and PHP5.2.9, if relevant. (Windows Vista, all on my personal computer, so full access.)

Any ideas?

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On a 500 error, you will always get a verbose error message in the error.log. Please post that message. – Pekka 웃 Feb 10 '10 at 11:06

Probably the execution time is exceeded, and your script is killed.

Once you are editing the configuration file, check also that error messages display is On, so they get to your screen (set display_errors to On)

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As Palantir says, it's exceeding the default PHP execution time. Any action that is likely to take a long time (i.e. over a few seconds) should not be run via PHP scripts in a web browser.

You need to write a CLI script (command line) to run these sort of actions asynchronously. CLI scripts have no limit on execution time by default.

See for more

If you're dong a lot of this kind of thing (i.e. having to process 100s of such actions) you should take a look at message queues which are designed to solve this sort of problem. See

The web browser is not the right place for heavy processing :)

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