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I have a SOLR instance that is updated using deltaQuery/deltaImportQuery. There is a row in SOLR that was changed in the source database table since last SOLR update.

During the next update deltaQuery returns primary key of this row (because it was changed recently). deltaImportQuery should select data for the particular primary key. This query contains additional filter on some field like IsSearchableItem=1 (I don't want to make searchable some rows).

So, deltaImportQuery does not return any data for the row (this particular row IsSearchable=0). Will this row be removed from SOLR index in this case?

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I believe if DIH does not generate a replacement document (I think what you call row), it will not get deleted. Instead, you could look at checking for using $deleteDocById when IsSearchableItem is 1. Check $skipDoc usage in Wikipedia dump example.

Or use deletedPkQuery.

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