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insert into Employee_Document 
values(FristName, LastName, BeginWeek, EndWeek, 
       Hrs_Mon, hrs_tues, Hrs_Wed, Hrs_Thu, Hrs_Fri, Total_Hours,
       TaskDesc_Mon, TaskDesc_Tues, TaskDesc_Wed, TaskDesc_Thu, TaskDesc_Fri, '')

   FristName, LastName, BeginWeek, EndWeek, 
   TotalHours where TimeSheetDate='31-12-2012' AS Hrs_Mon,'08:00:00',
   TotalHours where TimeSheetDate='02-01-2013' AS Hrs_Wed,
   TotalHours where TimeSheetDate='03-01-2013' AS Hrs_Thu,
   TotalHours where TimeSheetDate='04-01-2013' AS Hrs_Fri,
   TaskDescription where TimeSheetDate='31-12-2012' AS TaskDesc_Mon,
   TaskDescription where TimeSheetDate='02-01-2013' AS TaskDesc_Wed,
   TaskDescription where TimeSheetDate='03-01-2013' AS TaskDesc_Thu,
   TaskDescription where TimeSheetDate='04-01-2013' AS TaskDesc_Fri,'' 

Is there any wrong in this statement as I am new to SQL Server.

Thanks in advance.

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I don't understand 2 things, what is '' at the end of column list and what is '08:00:00' at the third line? –  Hamlet Hakobyan Jan 30 '13 at 13:26
You should at least state what this query's result should be. If you don't do that, people cannot help you... –  TTT Jan 30 '13 at 13:35
hi ,i want to insert values from one table to another where column names will not match. i want to split them using 'timesheetdate' column so that i can split them to specific column in another table. –  basha Jan 30 '13 at 13:40
And does it work? If not: is there an error (and if so: WHAT error) ?? –  marc_s Jan 30 '13 at 14:45
I can see you wanna insert value in "Total_Hours" and select "TotalHours", which one is the right? I recommend you recheck the entire insert, compare the field and try again. –  Toping Jan 30 '13 at 14:49

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OK, first of all the keyword VALUES needs to be removed, basic insert syntax is either:

INSERT [INTO] tablename (column list...) VALUES (literals...)


INSERT [INTO] tablename (column list) SELECT...

As the above is the latter, just remove VALUES altogether.

Next, there just ain't no such column named '', cannot be (at the limit could be [''] if really perverse], sort that out.

Finally, I'm guessing what you're trying to do with this

TotalHours where TimeSheetDate='31-12-2012' AS Hrs_Mon,'08:00:00',

is probably something like

CASE WHEN TimeSheetDate='31-12-2012' THEN TotalHours ELSE '08:00:00' END AS Hrs_Mon,

or something??

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As far as I can see the only thing incorrect is that on the first line you have the word values which isn't required.

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