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I want to do some Linux kernel programming. I have chosen Eclipse CDT as my IDE but i can't seem to get a project started. By started i mean that i can't get trough the project wizard. I have followed different tutorials like this one: Link to tutorial On the select configuration screen when i press finish the program doesn't continue (there is a loading bar, but it dissapiears quickly). Can anyone give me some pointers to solve this problem? I run Ubuntu 12.04 on a parallels virtual machine on a Macbook.

Thanks in advance!

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as working directory is use /usr/local/src/linux(here is the downloaded kernel source) – Roy Stegers Jan 30 '13 at 14:20

Check if the directory containing your kernel source is owned by 'root'. I faced that problem and resolved it by doing a sudo chown -hR my_user_name my_kernel_dir. Sadly Eclipse (3.8.1) does not show any visible warning.

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