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Is it possible to change the HTTP_REFERER value in VBScript? To avoid XSS attacks I am using CSRF data in my links. But when I am linking the user to an external website, this CSRF data could be caught by the destination webpage if they are checking the HTTP_REFERER.

So I read you should put an intermediate page in between, which will redirect to the desired page. So I tried creating a page named RedirectPage.asp which takes the URL as a parameter and does a Server.Redirect. But if I would click an external link on pagex.asp?CSRF..., the final HTTP_REFERER I catch is still pagex.asp.

So is there a way to "clean up" my REFERER header?


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By using a meta redirect instead of a redirect header, you can alter the referrer in Firefox and IE, but not Chrome, as mentioned here:

You can consistently clear (not change, but eliminate) the http_referer by redirecting through an SSL page however.

To save yourself a redirect, you could also check for browsers that support the rel="noreferrer" html5 attribute and use that instead in those cases. I believe currently that's just webkit browsers.

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