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Dear ppl, I am unable to open html page of my web application and getting error Not Found(404). Resource Not found.Also I am unable to open Tomacat Manger/Examples. Checked that instance is already running whnen I try to configure or start manually. I donot have start.exe n stop.exe in my bin but having tomcat6.exe tomcat6w.exe as mentioned in steps at apache site. Previously I used to face this problem and on pc restart it used to work but now its not working. Is there any problem with Apache installed on windows XP SP-2. Please tell me work aroud.

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probably should be on serverfault.com –  Taylor Leese Sep 22 '09 at 14:50
Have you looked in logs/localhost.2009-09-22.log ? –  rodrigoap Sep 22 '09 at 15:02

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Actually It was problem of port/socket that i used in my web.xml . I must have used some port that was already being used. I removed that part of code from web.xml and now its running fine. Bu dont know reason why it doesnot work sometimes and i have to restart mu computer. It must be some wat related with mu automatic server startup.

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