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I have two schemas in single database.

  • rxdata (its a fresh schema)

  • fbdata

Table name - kostst (cost center)

column name - kst_id (cost center id)

column name- kst_name (cost center name)

I would like to insert the entire data from the table kostst from rxdata to kostst.fbdata. When i execute the below command, i get this and i knew that there are similar ids exists in both the schemas (kst_id=1 & 2)

SQL> insert into rxdata.kostst select * from fbdata.kostst;

insert into rxdata.kostst select * from fbdata.kostst

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00001: unique constraint (RXDATA.SYS_C0070558) violated

SQL> select table_name,column_name from user_cons_columns where constraint_name=

------------  ------------
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Could you post the DDL of your table? I am almost sure that you are violating an UNIQUE constraint on your ID column. –  gustavodidomenico Jan 30 '13 at 13:56

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If you want to insert only the rows that don't exist, you could use:

insert into rxdata.kostst 
select * 
  from fbdata.kostst f
 where not exists (select null
                     from rxdata.kostst r
                    where r.kst_id = f.kst_id)

If you want to replace completely the table R by the table F, I suggest instead TRUNCATE+INSERT or DELETE+INSERT.

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