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Now I've just switched from development mode to production mode.
Everything was working fine in development mode.

I have Community model and its tag.
(I use the gem called acts_as_taggable_steroids_on )

If I request something like example.com/communities?tag=pájaro

It should show the communities that have the tag "pájaro" So I wrote this.

@communities = Community.tagged_with(params[:tag]).page(params[:page]).order("cached_votes_up DESC")

In spite of the fact that there is a community whose tag is "pájaro",
it won't show the community.

and One another weird behavior.
Some tags can be worked... that's making me more confused...

This never happened in my development mode.
Is this because something related to encoding? or something else? Please help!

This is the log

  [1m[36mActsAsTaggableOn::Tag Load (0.4ms)[0m  [1mSELECT `tags`.* FROM `tags` WHERE (lower(name) = 'pájaro')[0m
  [1m[35mCACHE (0.0ms)[0m  SELECT `tags`.* FROM `tags` WHERE (lower(name) = 'pájaro')
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Ensure your database.yml file has a line like: encoding: utf8, restart your server after modification of this file. – MrYoshiji Jan 30 '13 at 15:18
@MrYoshiji Thanks for the reply:) I surely ensured it's utf8. and I've restarted my apache over and over and over again. But still the same. Weird thing is, some tags(almost 70%) are okay. really weird. please help! – MKK Jan 30 '13 at 15:25

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