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Description: I’ve two top level Categories SiteContent and UserArticles.
SiteContent contains all the site pages (Home, About, Contact) and UserArticles contains 5 categories (Music, Movies, Sports, Entertainment and Other).

I’ve created a user with access level as Manager, who will be reponsible for posting content in the UserArticles categories. He has no rights to edit main SiteContent pages.

What I want to do ? Ans: When the Manager logs in using administrator panel, he should see only UserArticles category and the related articles. He should not be able to view SiteContent category and its respective articles.

What I’ve tried? Ans: I’ve edit the SiteContent - Category Permission for Manager changed to Create - Not Allowed, Delete - Not Allowed, Edit - Not Allowed, Edit State - Not Allowed, Edit Own - Not Allowed. But the category SiteContent (Category and Articles) are shown for user Manager; its only disabled. I want them to be completely removed and show only UserArticles category and its respective articles.

Thanks in advance.

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This isn't possible with core Joomla but could make a layout override and include access checks for this. The theory of the Joomla administrator is that if you have access to the back and and to a particular manager that you can see it all but not do everything.

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