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I published the first version of my app in Play Store two days ago. I used a key with a known alias and password.

Then, I changed the name of my app in eclipse, just changed one letter. Now, I want to export version 2 in eclipse, try use the key from the first time and enter alias and passwort. I´m sure they are correct!!

On the last step, Eclipse tells me "Cannot recover key". I tried it with a new one but then the Play Store shows an error. What can I do??


enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Like you see in the second image abobe, it MUST be the right password because otherwise the alias would not be in the dropdownbox. Also the second password is correct, it´s a copy from the first. I only have one alias!

Destination APK file-link in the last picture doesn´t matter right?

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'Change name of app' Do you mean from the manifest? or Eclipse>project>refactor>rename? – wtsang02 Jan 30 '13 at 14:59
In Eclipse, I clicked "refactor" - "rename"! – user896692 Jan 30 '13 at 15:10

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Solution: The KeyStore password and The Key password should be the same.

Changing both passwords using keytool

Change KeyStore password

keytool -storepasswd -new newpassword -keystore KeyStore.jks

Change Alias key Password

keytool -keypasswd -alias MyKeyAlias -new newpassword -keystore KeyStore.jks

Note: supply old password for both keystore and alias when asked for

(quoted from

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you are welcome, glad to work it – Mustafa Güven Apr 25 '14 at 12:20
Thanks Mustafa! – Randall Ma Jul 2 '14 at 22:07
you're welcome randall – Mustafa Güven Jul 3 '14 at 8:56
Thanks a lot! But WHY would they make it that way? – Sagar Sodah Jan 28 at 10:09
Solved here!! Error was being throwed in Jetty/Dropwizard. – Mr. Pichler Apr 9 at 20:01

Changing App Name doesn't create any problem while you signing the application. you might have entered a wrong password or keystore-alias.

And you cannot create a new keystore to sign the application. If you done so then it is another application and you cannot updated the currently existing application.

Try re-sign the app with First Keystore with proper keystore-alias and password. It may be hard for you but if you fail to re-sign with the first keystore file then you cannot update the app with second version.

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Thanks for your answer. I you think that that doesn´t create any problem, is there any way to show the password I used? Probably not.. – user896692 Jan 30 '13 at 15:02

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