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My goal is to replace the text and put it inside the tag . The problem is "Why changing the createTextNode for a 'createHtmlCode'?"

        var pannel = $("#text");            
        var $iframe = $("<iframe>").attr("src","iframe.php");
        var iframe = $iframe.get(0);


            iframe.contentDocument.execCommand('bold', false);

        //H1 CLICK, HERE'S THE PROBLEM    
        // Replace the content with tags h1 + actual selection
            var doc = iframe.contentWindow.document;
            var selected = iframe.contentWindow.getSelection(); 
                var range = selected.getRangeAt(0);
                var content = range;                    
                var text = new String(selected);
                range.insertNode(iframe.contentDocument.createTextNode('<h1>' + text + '<h1>'));                    

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1. Use $("h1") instead of $("#h1"), # selects tag that contains h1 as its id 2. You should close the h1 tag with </h1> here: createTextNode('<h1>' + text + '<h1>') – Coder Jan 30 '13 at 17:15
I put the slash in <h1> text </h1> but continue like text. But i want show a html. – Bruno Quaresma Jan 30 '13 at 17:36

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