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How can I access private method of a class by using reflection

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Like @Adel said, the getDeclaredMethod and setAccessible enables you to retrieve references to and disable the access modifiers of methods. You should however be very careful while doing this. Accessing private methods is usually a sign of bad design and breaks the concept of information hiding which is the primary purpose of access modifiers. –  Alderath Jan 30 '13 at 15:32

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The general idea is to use the Class.getDeclaredField(String name) or Class.getDeclaredFields() method. You just need to use the following code

public class PrivateObject {

  private String privateString = null;

  public PrivateObject(String privateString) {
    this.privateString = privateString;
    PrivateObject privateObject = new PrivateObject("The Private Value");

    Field privateStringField = PrivateObject.class.getDeclaredField("privateString");


    String fieldValue = (String) privateStringField.get(privateObject);
    System.out.println("fieldValue = " + fieldValue);


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Ignoring that this is a dup, he didn't ask about fields. –  Brian Roach Jan 30 '13 at 15:31

Using Reflection API:

 Method[] mArr = className.class.getDeclaredMethods();
    for(Method m: mArr){
  • get the declared method using classname.class.getDeclaredMethod()
  • Iterate over the return methods
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