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After updating the janus vim distribution there appears to be a problem with using vim for commit messages. The best example of this is when doing a git pull to get someone else's changes. The vim editor is displayed, I type my commit message, I enter :wq but instead of the commit working, I get the following error message:

error: There was a problem with the editor 'vi'.
Not committing merge; use 'git commit' to complete the merge.

I then have to manually commit :(

How do I get git to play nicely with vim?

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After a bit of googling, it turns out that the answer is to run the following:

git config --global core.editor /usr/bin/vim
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This could be a plugin or something in your .vimrc file. The best way to load vim in a safe mode for editing commit messages is to use:

git config --global core.editor '/usr/bin/vim -f -u NONE'
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