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I've tried to grant a specific ldap group (AD) called "Internet" access to the internet. Squid provides a tool called squid_ldap_group to check ldap memberships. This is my command:

/usr/lib64/squid/squid_ldap_group -d -s sub -b 'cn=users,dc=test,dc=local' -B 'cn=users,dc=test,dc=local' -D 'cn=ldap,cn=Users,dc=test,dc=local' -w 'PASSWORD' -f '(&(sAMAccountName=CN=%v)(memberof=%a))' -h DOMAINCONTROLLER
testuser internet
Connected OK
group filter '(&(sAMAccountName=CN=testuser)(memberof=internet))', searchbase 'cn=users,dc=test,dc=local'

But everything i tried, didn't work. Every time i'm getting ERR instead of OK. The user testuser and the group internet are both in OU=Users and testuser is member of this group.

Can anybody help me to build this call?

Thank you very much!

EDIT: Found a solution. This works:

/usr/lib64/squid/squid_ldap_group -R -K -b "dc=domain,dc=local" -D administrator -w "AdminPW" \
-f "(&(objectclass=person)(sAMAccountName=%v) \
(memberof=cn=%g,ou=UserGruppen,dc=domain,dc=local))" -h domaincontroller
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