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I'm using CF9. My problem pertains to an admin application that sets session variables at login to identify the user and user permissions. Depending on the user level, certain pages are allowed for viewing and other pages are not allowed. (I'll refer to this as my 'security framework'. This is wrapped around everything in the root.)

This security framework consists of a cfif statement at the top of the CFM page and a closing cfelse and (</)cfif at the bottom of the page. Everything between this opening cfif and closing cfif displays if the user has that level permission - standard stuff.

Certain users can upload PDF files, no problem here. PDF files are uploaded to a folder outside of the root and then moved and renamed to folders inside the root.

When uploading, the user chooses categories and subcategories etc. and these variables are inserted in a SQL database during the upload process. Therefore, I have filePaths and fileNames, etc. to set up dynamic links on a page for a user to click and load the PDF (password protected) in the browser.

I have the dynamic link pointing to a ShowThisPDF.cfm? with URL variables filePath= #filePath# & fileName = #fileName#. I've set up the ShowThisPDF.cfm with the security framework at the top and bottom of the page and am trying to copy the uploaded PDF into this page so that the PDF will display in the browser.

I've tried many ways to do this with cfdocument and cfpdf and cfcontent, etc. When I read the error that this is throwing, it does look like it is reaching the uploaded file but I get an "access denied" every time, due to the security framework I suppose.

On a side note, elsewhere in this application I can create a PDF from my cf pages with cfdocument with the security framework wrapped around the page and this works perfectly - displaying the PDF in the browser. My problem is in loading an existing PDF into a CFM page that has the security framework - which should allow the PDF to load.

Anyone have an idea as to how I can accomplish the above? I hate to try and bypass my security and it seems logical to "copy" the uploaded PDF into a CFM page that wraps the PDF in the security framework and then display the PDF in the browser.

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Does ColdFusion have permission to view files in these directories? –  Dan Bracuk Jan 30 '13 at 16:05
Is the "access denied" error that you are receiving your error message or is it being thrown by ColdFusion? It may not be your security framework at all if ColdFusion cannot access the PDF file in it's current location. –  Miguel-F Jan 30 '13 at 16:06
I think you guys are pointing me in the right direction. After I login (as a user) and I type a direct link to the pdf file in the browser address bar, I get a popup username/password from the server. I'm in a sharded hosting environment. (I don't have administrator rights to the server but I can set folder permissions). Maybe this is it, huh? - ed –  user2025927 Jan 30 '13 at 16:26
so you type http://yourdomain.com/ShowThisPDF.cfm?filePath=someFile&fileName=somefilename and you get prompted for a password, or are you trying to go to http://yourdomain.com/mypdf.pdf and getting the prompt? –  Travis Jan 30 '13 at 17:06
Just remember that your ColdFusion security code only governs what web pages your users can see. When it comes to accessing the file system, it's the OS security at play and the user is ColdFusion. –  Dan Bracuk Jan 30 '13 at 17:16

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Agree with Dan - I had similar issue. So I ended up doing https: with a windows login and also a ColdFusion Login to Web Application. At end of day - they need 2 logins to get into the system - then they can see the pdf files etc or what they need.

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